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LaloPix.com Beta released!

We just released an advanced geo-tagging tool:

  • Online geo-tagging
  • Batch uploading of multiple photos
  • Easy geo-tagging of multiple photos
  • Storing photos online
  • Sharing photos with friends or colleagues
What is GeoImgr?
GeoImgr is a web-application to check the GPS geo-coordinates in the EXIF data of an JPG-image, show the location on the map and save new GPS geo-coordinates into the image.
Upload a JPG image of a size up to 20 MB. If the image contains GPS geo-coordinates then the latitude and longitude coordinates are displayed and the location is shown on the map.
Tag and Download
To tag a photo with GPS geo-coordinates set the marker in the map to the wanted location. Click on Tag Photo to save the new geo-coordinates into the image and click on Download Photo.
Uploaded images will be deleted in regular intervals and not used in any other way.
Contact: info@geoimgr.com