Geotagging FAQ

What does geotagging photos mean?

"Geotagging photos" means that you attach latitude and longitude coordinates to a JPG photo file. This information is saved in the metadata of the JPG file and is not visible on the photo.

Can only JPG photo files be geotagged?

Yes and no! For JPG files the way to attach geotags is standardized and that's why it's useful and can be processed by many other websites and tools. Other image file types do not officially support geotagging. That's why this website only supports JPG files.

Can geotags prove that a photo has been takten at a particular location?

No, that's not possible. The geotags in JPG files can be changed afterwards (for example using GeoImgr). That's why it's not possible to know where a photo has been taken.

How can geo coordinates be displayed as decimal numbers and degrees?

See Wikipedia:

GPS Latitude                    : 57 deg 38' 56.83" N
GPS Longitude                   : 10 deg 24' 26.79" E
GPS Position                    : 57 deg 38' 56.83" N, 10 deg 24' 26.79" E

How can I create geotagged JPG files?

The easiest way is using your Android or iOS smartphone. You just have to activate the "save location in photo" option. New cameras with GPS sensores also support geotagging. For cameras that do not have GPS sensors you can use geo trackers (see question below).

I have a camera without GPS sensor. How can I add geotags to my photos?

In this case you can use a software (e.g. to add geotags manually to your photo files. You can also use a GPS Logger device (see below).

How to use a GPS logger device to add geotags to my photos?

You can use a GPS logger/tracker device to log your location in certain time intervals (seconds or minutes) and afterwards match the photos with the corresponding location using the timestamps.

How can my privacy be endangered with geotagging?

If you save geotags in photos and you share the photo files then other people could see where the photos has been taken. However if you send the photos using instant messenger apps from your smartphone (e.g. WhatsApp) then the app will usually send a modified image file that does not contain the geotags.